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Entries close 31 August 2022.

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H&BNZ Instagram Competitions

The 2022 H&BNZ Instagram Challenge will run over six months, with one competition being held each month from April to September inclusive.

The competition will be announced on our Instagram channels each month for you to follow along, support entrants, and to enter!

Prizes for the winners will be a $500 voucher to use with one of our corporate members (winners choice). The senior winners of the 6 competitions will also receive a signed copy of Matt Brown’s book – She is not your rehab.

You can follow along and check out all the action on the hashtag here .

Competition Categories

Under 4 years in the industry (Next Generation)

A competitor who has been employed within the hair industry for less than four (4) years as of the 31st October 2022, including any full-time pre-trade course, or a fully contracted apprentice.

Over 4 years in the industry (Senior)

A competitor who has been employed in the hair industry for four (4) years or more, including any full-time pre-trade training courses as at the 31st October 2022.

Instagram Competitions

April | Competition 1 – CLOSED
Hairdressing – Before & After 

May | Competition 2 – CLOSED
Barbering – Before & After

June | Competition 3 – CLOSED
Hairdressing – Long Hair

July | Competition 4 –
Barbering – Classic Cut

August | Competition 5
Hairdressing – Colour

September | Competition 6
Barbering – Hair Art

General Rules

  1. All entries must tag the correct hashtags to be counted as an entry.
  2. These competitions are free to enter and are open to all NZ hairdressers and barbers.
  3. Members of the H&BNZ Competitions Committee are not eligible to compete.
  4. H&BNZ Judges are not eligible to compete in these events but can enter and are encouraged to enter, The Industry Awards including the Creatives, Business, and Training Awards.
  5. Co-workers/employees/employers of H&BNZ Judges are eligible to enter. For a situation where a Judge is judging their co-workers/ employee/employer’s work, those Judge’s marks won’t be counted.
  6. H&BNZ trusts entrants to be honest about their experience level. Any entries found not to meet the rules will be disqualified.
  7. H&BNZ trusts entries to be the work of that entrant for the competition they’re entering. Any entries found not to meet the rules will be disqualified.
  8. A competitor may not use their own hair to create an entry.
  9. Clients under the age of 16 must provide a consent release form (click here for form) signed by a parent or guardian. This is for you to keep and H&BNZ may call for it at any time.
  10. Male/Female clients can be used in all competitions.
  11. Entries must be that of salon or barbershop saleable work done on a client and not a set up for a model/photoshoot.
  12. Entries open on 1st day of each month, and close 11:59pm on the last day of the month.
  13. By entering, you and your client and any associates consent to the use of your image by H&BNZ.
  14. The official placing in all competitions shall be final.
  15. Instagram accounts used to post entries must not be on private.
  16. Make sure the name and salon/barbershop of the person entering is clearly stated.
  17. Only post ONE image for your entry except for the April & May ‘Before and After’ competitions. Please choose an image that best shows how your work meets the competition requirements.
  18. One entry only per competition but you can enter multiple competitions.
  19. Any competitor with any complaint or query is to contact the H&BNZ office immediately at:
  20. H&BNZ Instagram Challenge prizes cannot be redeemed for cash.
  21. An image of the same look may be entered in multiple competitions, provided it meets the requirements for each separate competition.
  22. Photos must be taken on a mobile device.
  23. Professional photoshoots are not permitted.
  24. Photos may not have any enhancements.

If you are unsure of any of the rules, please email

This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.

Queries or Recommendations

The Competitions Committee will answer any queries and consider any recommendations from any interested party if presented to the Competitions Committee in writing –