H&BNZ Live Competitions – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are the Live competitions being held?

A. H&BNZ is excited to bring you the Live competitions which will be held at the Cordis in Auckland.

Q. What is the date for the Live competitions?

A. Make sure you put 10am-2.30pm, 12 November 2023 in your calendar!

Q. Will there be a prep area at the venue?

A. No. Your model will need to be prepped before arriving at the venue.

Q. Will there be a prizegiving?

A. Yes, the prizegiving will take place at 5pm at the Cordis.

Q. Do I have to attend the prizegiving?

A. Yes, all competitors and models (as presented on the floor) must be present at the prizegiving.

Q. When do entries close?

A. Entries close on 25 July, if not before. Get your entry form in quickly as places are strictly limited.

Q. Can anyone enter these competitions?

A. No. Only H&BNZ members are eligible to enter these competitions. Not a member? Join HERE

Q. How many events are there?

A. There are 2 events for New Talent competitors (less than 12 months in the industry), 1 for hairdressers and 1 for barbers.
For Next Generation (less than 4 years and over in the industry) and Senior (4 years or more in the industry), there are 4 events. 2 for hairdressers and 2 for barbers.

Q. Can a Next Generation competitor enter an event for Seniors?

A. No. Places are strictly limited so competitors must compete in the event relevant to the number of years they have been in the industry.

Q. Do New Talent competitors have to pay an entry fee?

A. No, entry is free for students/apprentices who have less than 12 months experience in the industry. Free entry is for the competitor and their model only. Anyone else entering the awards is required to pay a $20 entry fee.

Q. How much are entry fees for Next Generation and Senior Competitors?

A. Next Generation – $50 for one entry and $75 for two entries PER COMPETITOR*
Senior – $60 for one entry and $90 for two entries PER COMPETITOR*

*The entry fee includes entry for the competitor and model/s only. Anyone else entering the awards is required to pay a $20 entry fee.

Q. Does electrical equipment need to be tested and tagged.

A. Yes. Any un-tagged electrical equipment must not be used.

Q. What products can be used on the competitions floor?

A. Only products from H&BNZ Corporate members can be used on the competition floor – Wella, L’Oreal, Schwarzkopf, Goldwell & Barberbrand products – Slick Gorilla, Bearded      Chap, Baxter of California, The Bluebeards Revenge, Capt Fawcett’s Moustache Wax, Cavalry, Dapper Dan, JS Sloane, Layrite.

Q. How are the Classic En Trende categories different to Future Trend and Hair Unleashed?

A. Struggling to understand the expected type of work for each category? Check out our Pinterest boards at Hair and Barber New Zealand for a better idea (

Q. I work as a barber but like the idea of entering the hairdressing events, is this possible?

A. The events are labeled as either hairdressing or barbering but it does not mean you have to be working AS a hairdresser or barber to compete. As long as you follow the event criteria and showcase the skills required, you can enter any TWO events.

Check out the running order of events as you will not be able to enter two events that are run consecutively.

If you want to be considered for NZ Hairdresser of the Year, you must enter two hairdressing events, likewise, if you would like to be considered for NZ Barber of the Year, you must enter two barbering events. (Next generation and senior only)

Q. Do models for the barbering events need to have a beard?

A. Barbering – Classic En Trende Sculpture -is the only event where cutting the beard or any facial hair is required. Facial hair design work can be pre done for Future Trend.

Q. Are both Barbering – Future Trend and Hairdressing – Unleashed, Avant-Garde sections?

A. No, Hairdressing Unleashed is described as ‘creating an Avant-Garde masterpiece’ and Barbering Future Trend is described as a ‘fashion forward progressive shape’. The look of Future Trend must still be considered as wearable by a small percentage of clients, while Hair Unleashed would not.