Membership Terms & Conditions

    • Members are asked to select their membership subscription category and complete the online application form.
    • Membership subscriptions are payable from the date that H&BNZ accepts your membership application.
    • Membership will be activated from the date the first monthly membership subscription is paid.
    • Monthly memberships are continuous, and by agreeing to monthly subscriptions you agree to a minimum membership term of 12 months.
    • After the initial 12-month period your membership will automatically renew for a further 12 months unless you give us notice of non-renewal at least one month before the end of your 12-month membership period.
    • If a membership is not renewed or remains unpaid for 3 months (as per the Associations Rules), a person seeking membership will need to reapply for membership, and a rejoining fee may apply.
    • Any member ceasing to be a member remains liable to the Association for all membership fees and other monies (as per the Associations Rules) by the member prior to the date of termination of the membership and, if used, must remove the Association logo from their website and any other material.

Cancellation or transfer:

During your 12-month membership period, you may request in writing to cancel your membership if your salon/barbershop is no longer operating.

Employer & multi memberships are transferable when a salon/barbershop is sold to a new owner, provided the new owner meets the requirements of the membership

Membership subscriptions are non-refundable.

Declaration and privacy:

All members agree to and adhere to the Code of Ethics

By completing the membership application, you have read and accept our Privacy Policy