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H&BNZ Member Name Email City Social Website
Abbie Thornhill Wellington Hairdresser
Abigail Erskine-Shaw Tokoroa Hairdresser
Abigail Freiberg Kaiapoi Hairdresser
Adem Ferkatovich Christchurch Hairdresser
Alexandra Cannon Wellington Hairdresser
Alisha Loach Invercargill Hairdresser
Allison Murray-Travers Whanganui Hairdresser
Allister Evans Wellington Hairdresser
Alysha Hayward Hairdresser
Amanda White Hawera Hairdresser
Amber Brinsdon Queenstown Hairdresser
Amber Field Balclutha Barber
Amii Drake Stratford Hairdresser
Amy Carswell Hamilton Hairdresser
Amy Connolly Christchurch Barber
Amy Moss Feilding Hairdresser
Andrea Atolmie Auckland Hairdresser
Andrea Napier Hawke's Bay Hairdresser
Angeline Thornley Wellington Hairdresser
Angelique Gellert Cambridge Hairdresser
Ann Garrett Glendene Hairdresser
Anna Henricksen NAPIER Hairdresser
Anna Reid Dannevirke Hairdresser
Anna Thompson Whangarei Hairdresser
Anna Wilson Ashburton Hairdresser
Annabel Kinley Wellington Hairdresser
Anthony Welsh Auckland Barber
April Collie Wellington Hairdresser
Azeb Manyahele Newmarket Hairdresser
Barb Ryan Mount Albert Hairdresser
Blair Gilroy Levin Hairdresser
Brenda Allinson Hamilton Hairdresser
Britany Spargo Christchurch Hairdresser
Bronwyn Bauckham Napier Hairdresser
Brooke Bath Christchurch Hairdresser
Brooke McHardy Palmerston North Hairdresser
Caleb Heke Auckland Barber
Callie Love Hawera Hairdresser
Cameron Aitken Boyle Christchurch Hairdresser
Cameron Aitken-Boyle Christchurch Hairdresser
Cara Dawson Kerikeri Hairdresser
Carl Manderson Upper Hutt Hairdresser
Carla Andrews Culverden Hairdresser
Carla Terry Palmerston North Hairdresser
Carlene Rainbow Auckland Hairdresser
Carol Hayward Whanganui Hairdresser
Caroline Kingi Gisborne Hairdresser
Carrie Fraser Palmerston North Hairdresser
Casey Holden Christchurch Hairdresser
Cathryne Baarspul NAPIER Hairdresser
Cathy Davys Masterton Hairdresser
Chamroeurn Sokhon Flatbrush Barber
Chanel Brogan Hornby Hairdresser
Chantal Landais Auckland Hairdresser
Charlene Graham Wellington Hairdresser
Charlotte Dodson Takaka Hairdresser
Charmaine Jackson Upper Hutt Hairdresser
Chetan Mongia Auckland Hairdresser
Chloe Ferguson INVERCARGILL Hairdresser
Chrissy Williams Tawa Hairdresser
Christopher Perkins, Wellington Hairdresser
Claire Shaw Hokitika Hairdresser
Clare Whitworth Palmerston North Hairdresser
Claudette Lewington Gisborne Hairdresser
Courtney Allen Whanganui Hairdresser
Cyndey Adams Auckland Hairdresser
Danelle Radel Dunedin Hairdresser
Daniel Greig AUCKLAND Hairdresser
Danielle Wiersma Picton Hairdresser
David Lyall Wellington Hairdresser
David Shields Auckland Hairdresser
Deb Clark Hamilton Hairdresser
Deborah Banks Geraldine Hairdresser
Delkowaz Ahmed Auckland Hairdresser
Destiny Patuawa Rotorua Hairdresser
Diane Clark Christchurch Hairdresser
Dianne Muggeridge HAWERA Hairdresser
Donna-Lisa Lovell Auckland Hairdresser
Emily Bouskill Raetihi Hairdresser
Emily Schipper Whanganui Hairdresser
Emma Argo Auckland Hairdresser
Emma Feather Hawera Hairdresser
Emma Richards WHANGAREI Hairdresser
Emma Smith Nelson Hairdresser
Eric Phillips Hamilton Hairdresser
Erin Mccutcheon Dannevirke Hairdresser
Eva Billing New Plymouth Hairdresser
Fiona Ford GISBORNE Hairdresser
Fiona M Green Palmerston North Hairdresser
Frances Wegener Wellington Hairdresser
Gaylene Fryer Hastings Barber, Hairdresser
Gemma Walker Wanganui Hairdresser
Genna Wells Nelson Hairdresser
Geoff Gibson Timaru Barber
Gina Mason Auckland Hairdresser
Gina Eparaima Palmerston North Barber
Grace Davies Whanganui Hairdresser
Hayley Fowler Mapua Hairdresser
Heather Gates Albany Hairdresser
Helen McCarthy Hastings Hairdresser
Holly Saunders ALEXANDRA Hairdresser
Ilona Weekley Dunedin Hairdresser
Jackie Fairhurst-Greig Dunedin Hairdresser
Jacqui Broughton Whanganui Hairdresser
Jacqui Victor Christchurch Hairdresser
Jaimee Smale Gore Hairdresser
Jaimee Whiston Wanaka Hairdresser
Jake Pine Christchurch Hairdresser
Jan-Marie Quinn Taupo Hairdresser
Janelle Harlen Paraparumu Hairdresser
Janice McCullough Silverdale Hairdresser
Janine McCullough Mt Albert Hairdresser
Janine Parry TIRAU Hairdresser
Janine Simons Wellington Hairdresser
Janine Still DUNEDIN Hairdresser
Jay Appleton Christchurch Hairdresser
Jenifer Read Christchurch Hairdresser
Jenna Williams Greymouth Hairdresser
Jennifer Eyles Blenheim Hairdresser
Jennifer Fenton Auckland Hairdresser
Jennifer Hurliman Tauranga Hairdresser
Jeremy Scarle Auckland Hairdresser
Jessica Bain Gisborne Hairdresser
Jessica Corbett Dunedin Hairdresser
Jessica Holdsworth Auckland Hairdresser
Jill Cole Christchurch Hairdresser
Jill Stewart Taumarunui Hairdresser
Jo Luxton Ashburton Hairdresser
Jo-Ann Foster Auckland Hairdresser
Joanne Bosher-Davies GULF HARBOUR Hairdresser
Joanne Plant Auckland Hairdresser
Jodie Smith Waikanae Hairdresser
Joleen Mulligan Invercargill Barber
Jordan James Carlton Christchurch Hairdresser
Jordon Carlton Christchurch Hairdresser
Joy Chamberlain Auckland Hairdresser
Judy Mackay Invercargall Hairdresser
Julia Latter Christchurch Hairdresser
Julian Maloney Auckland Barber
Julie Webster Dunedin Hairdresser
Kanan Chauhan Auckland Hairdresser
Karen Erp Auckland Hairdresser
Karl Radel DUNEDIN Hairdresser
Karla Gee Queenstown Hairdresser
Kate Cox Palmerston North Hairdresser
Kate Smeaton Dunedin Hairdresser
Kathryn Farnworth Napier Hairdresser
Katie Howes Auckland Hairdresser
Katrina Whiu Pleasant Point Hairdresser
Katya Whittington Cromwell Hairdresser
Kay Deakin Napier Hairdresser
Kelley Oliver Wellington Hairdresser
Kelly Latu Auckland Hairdresser
Kelly McKenzie Napier Hairdresser
Kerrie Jordan New Plymouth Hairdresser
Kerryn Hall Wellington Hairdresser
Keryn Evans Greytown Hairdresser
Kim Philpott Christchurch Hairdresser
Kristina Muollo Wellington Hairdresser
Kristine Procter Dunedin Hairdresser
Kristy Mearns Gore Hairdresser
Kristyn Mohring Oamaru Hairdresser
Krystle Anderson H Mosgiel Hairdresser
Kyla Allan Invercargill Hairdresser
Kylie Hayes Dunedin Hairdresser
Kylie Hodgkinson Auckland Hairdresser
Lawrenique Williams Wellington Hairdresser
Leanne Grinder THAMES Hairdresser
Leanne Pirimona Upper Hutt Hairdresser
Leanne Wills Ashburton Hairdresser
Liana King Dunedin Hairdresser
Liane Moorhead Te awamutu Hairdresser
Linda Wilkinson CHEVIOT Hairdresser
Linley Wade Whangaparaoa Hairdresser
Lisa Gutsell Te Anau Hairdresser
Lisa Steele Kaiapoi Hairdresser
Lisa Tissiman Christchurch Hairdresser
Louise Duncan Levin Hairdresser
Louise Taylor Ruakaka Hairdresser
Lucas Kelly Christchurch Barber
Lukas Euvrard Lower Hutt Hairdresser
Luke Kimiora Auckland Barber
Lynda Harper Whangarei Hairdresser
Lynda Neil Waverley Hairdresser
Lyndsey Erasmus Silverdale Hairdresser
Lynette Eustace Wellington Hairdresser
Marcela Russ Palmerston North Hairdresser
Marcelo Gonzalez Auckland Hairdresser
Maree Hoare Feilding Hairdresser
Maria Bunn Pt Chevalier Hairdresser
Marie Keast Auckland Hairdresser
Mark Frisby Balclutha Hairdresser
Marque Morehu Kaiapoi
Matthew Butcher Auckland Hairdresser
Maureen Bowring Tawa Hairdresser
Megan Walker WANGANUI Hairdresser
Mel Switzer Palmerston North Hairdresser
Melanie Maclean Pokeno Hairdresser
Melanie Watt Hamilton Hairdresser
Melissa Kelly Auckland Hairdresser
Merilyn Kane Beckenham Hairdresser
Mica Carrick Browns Bay Hairdresser
Michele Taylor TE AROHA Hairdresser
Michelle Clapperton Palmerston North Hairdresser
Michelle Farmer Christchurch Hairdresser
Michelle Fleming Eltham Hairdresser
Michelle Ironside Hastings Hairdresser
Michelle Marsh Christchurch Hairdresser
Michelle Wernham Kapiti Coast Hairdresser
Milton Naylor Havelock North Hairdresser
Monique Kehely Wanganui Hairdresser
Murray Heaney Lower Hutt Hairdresser
Nadia Mander Paraparaumu Hairdresser
Natasha Bird HASTINGS Hairdresser
Natasha Fainitski Wellington Hairdresser
Neisha Bakker Hamilton East Hairdresser
Nichola Arnott Dunsandel Hairdresser
Nichola Lamb Christchurch Hairdresser
Nicky Chittenden nicky.justcuts@gmail.comm Chartwell, Hamilton Hairdresser
Nicole Blithe Auckland Hairdresser
Nicole Gordon Pukekohe Hairdresser
Nicole Mason Roxburgh Hairdresser
Nicole Turner Christchurch Hairdresser
Nikki Ahnau Wellington Hairdresser
Niq James Christchurch Barber, Hairdresser
Olivia Hopkins Tauranga Hairdresser
P L Richards Hawera Barber
Patreece Corban Taupo Hairdresser
Paula Wyatt Levin Hairdresser
Phillippa Jean Hall New Plymouth Hairdresser
Pip Grundy Hamilton Hairdresser
Rachael Collie Dunedin Hairdresser
Rachel Batchelor Timaru Hairdresser
Rachel Macdonald Palmerston North Hairdresser
Raelene Guthrie Oamaru Hairdresser
Raewyn McLachlan Tamaki Hairdresser
Randall Turner Christchurch Hairdresser
Raylee van Leeuwen Dunedin Barber
Raymond Henderson Auckland Hairdresser
Reece Bell Wellington Hairdresser
Reece Unahi Christchurch Hairdresser
Renee Charleston Christchurch Hairdresser
Renee Curtin Winton Hairdresser
Ria Reihana Dunedin Hairdresser
Richelle Holland Invercargill Hairdresser
Rikki-Lee Nooyen Hamilton Hairdresser
Robin & Cheryll Davis Richmond Hairdresser
Ronda Shaskey Christchurch Hairdresser
Rose Allan Matamata Hairdresser
Rosemary Chalmers Arrowtown Hairdresser
Salina Murphy Palmerston North Hairdresser
Sam Graham Waiuku Hairdresser
Samantha Dane Christchurch Hairdresser
Samantha Mcquade Masterton Hairdresser
Samantha Simkin Wanganui Hairdresser
Sandi Somerville Blenheim Hairdresser
Sandra Cole Whangarei Hairdresser
Sandra Kelso Auckland Hairdresser
Sandy Charmley Dannevirke Hairdresser
Sandy Turner Kaiapoi Hairdresser
Sarah Illingworth Hamilton Hairdresser
Sarah Leeman Christchurch Hairdresser
Sarah Martin Dunedin Hairdresser
Sarah Rasmussen Stanmore Bay Hairdresser
Sarah Tuttiett PALMERSTON NORTH Hairdresser
Sarah Wheeler Palmerston North Hairdresser
Shannon Dowd Hamilton Hairdresser
Sharnee Mullacrane Gisbourne Hairdresser
Sharon Greene Christchurch Hairdresser
Sharon Reid Hamilton Hairdresser
Sharon Sanderson Keriekri Hairdresser
Shazia Ali Auckland Barber, Hairdresser
Shelley Buckley Palmerston North Hairdresser
Sheree Fowler Timaru Hairdresser
Shilo Koroheke Rotorua Barber
Shore Barkhordairi Auckland Hairdresser
Simone Jones Auckland Hairdresser
Sinead Gilcrest Christchurch Hairdresser
Stacey Jackson Auckland Hairdresser
Steve Graham Hamilton Hairdresser
Steve Thompson Auckland Hairdresser
Stevie Lewis Christchurch Hairdresser
Susan Cowpland Lower Hutt Hairdresser
Suzanne Morley Auckland Hairdresser
Tayla Eastgate Christchurch Hairdresser
Teena McCullough Upper Hutt Hairdresser
Teresa Stichbury Hamilton Hairdresser
Terri Skipper Snells Beach, Auckland Hairdresser
Terry Johns PALMERSTON NORTH Hairdresser
Thomas Day Paraparaumu Barber
Tiffiny Spencer Wanganui Hairdresser
Tina Fox WELLINGTON Hairdresser
Tina Fuller Queenstown Hairdresser
Tina Stanley BALCLUTHA Hairdresser
Toni Robinson Blenheim Hairdresser
Tracy Kettles Auckland Hairdresser
Tracy McIntyre Palmerston North Hairdresser
Ursula Harris Nelson Hairdresser
Vanessa White Invercargill Hairdresser
Vicki Joseph Christchurch Hairdresser
Vicki Woodrow Mosgiel Hairdresser
Victoria Harach Wellington Hairdresser
Victoria Taylor Christchurch Hairdresser
Vikki Bayly Whangarei Hairdresser
Vjosa Teliqi Auckland Hairdresser
Willow Rose Christchurch Hairdresser
Yahna Eaton Hastings Hairdresser
Yana Humby Palmerston North Hairdresser