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      Accreditation Programme

      Quality + Care®, Application Form


  • All information provided as part of this online application form will be kept completely confidential and used only as part of reviewing the application for Silver accreditation. No details will ever be shared with any other parties.

  • Where requested, supporting documentation must be provided.

  • You must be registered for GST if sales from your taxable activity are at least $60,000 a year or if you add GST to your prices.
  • Please provide the name of your qualified professional. A copy of their qualification must be provided.
  • No person shall use any premises as a hairdresser's shop or barbershop unless the premises are for the time being registered by the appropriate local authority.
  • Professional product companies invest time and money into creating superior products that meet the needs of salons/barbershops, all while caring for clients and their hair.
  • Please provide a list of the professional development you and your team have undertaken in the previous 12 months and provide evidence from at least one in-person course attended. (Eg. certificate/proof of attendance signed by the Presenter) The expectation from the client is that their stylist or barber is current with new techniques, technology and has kept their skill set relevant. Professional development could include, but is not limited to: • In-house staff training or meetings involving practical skills, product knowledge or KPI performance growth. These could be facilitated by salon or barbershop owners, trainers, or representatives from professional product companies. • External workshops • Business or social courses
  • Please provide details of any other initiatives or activities that your business undertakes, above and beyond the criteria above.

    I declare that the information disclosed above, and the documents provided, for the purpose of Quality + Care® silver accreditation are true and accurate. I understand that I may be part of a random audit process from time to time.

  • Welcome to the Quality + Care® Accreditation Programme. Once your application has been received we will send you an invoice for the one off application fee ($57.50 incl GST) and the Quality + Care membership fee ($345.00 incl GST annually). NO payment is required if you are applying to move up a level.

    There is no cost for Hair & Barber New Zealand members. :)